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Hello and welcome to Waylesstravelers!

We are Ryan & Nan, two curious travel storytellers and adventure photographers.

From a young age, we have always lived our lives with a constant sense of curiosity, eager to venture into experiences beyond our comfort zones. From wanting to explore deep into the caves of Soppong to trekking high up in the Andes, we just couldn’t wait to see what the world has to offer. 

So in 2023, we created WaylessTravelers to share in our passions and help others to take a step off their beaten path and experience the cultures and adventures from around the world. The years that led to this were quite a journey and if you want to learn more about our timeline and how we made this big decision, check out our story!

If you’re looking for:

  • Detailed guides focused on authentic, cultural, and adventurous experiences
  • Trip Itineraries including day-to-day activity options
  • Captivating photos to glimpse the true beauty of that country
  • Practical advice based on our personal explorations and mistakes
  • With a narrative touch of our stories along the way
  • Then you’ve come to the right place!

How we can help you travel

We know travel planning can be overwhelming!

Take it from someone who obsessively plans every detail when traveling; comparing options of destinations, routes, experiences, considering budget, ease of travel, and packing it all into an efficient and unforgettable trip. We even did this for our entire 4 month South East Asia trip.   

This is a time-consuming process

But this is the way I am and I love it! 
And we want to pass on this invaluable information to you!

Our goal is to help you plan the perfect trip.

Through our guides, we will provide you with curated itineraries that mix in experiences on-and-off the beaten path

We never simply follow the classic tourist trails.

As curious travelers, we seek authentic and raw experiences that other travelers don’t find

We strive to try out all the most adventurous and beyond activities. Whether it is climbing high up to 6500m, discovering ancient temples in the jungle, trekking multiple days to the top of an active volcano, sleeping in an open cabin within the Amazon, or rappelling 230ft off a cliff, we will definitely want to experience it!

And since we have personally gone through each experience written in this blog, you can be confident in getting our first-hand and honest opinions

Through our blog, we want to make travel planning easier for you and inspire you to go beyond the familiar and traveled path.  

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Need Some Inspiration? Here are some places we’ve traveled to!

The world is a rich and beautiful place. So where to start?
We have traveled to over 30 countries, from Europe, to South East Asia, to South America, and many in between.
We seek to discover places that are remote, adventurous, and beyond our comfort zones. Our goal is also to capture these places that are so beautiful that words can hardly describe them.

Check out some of the countries we’ve travelled to, and that way our comprehensive guides can help you plan your next unforgettable adventure!

Top bucket list experiences with WaylessTravelers