Here we answer some of the common questions we have received. If you have any further curiosities, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our favourite hike was doing Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal and Salkantay Trek in Peru. If comfort is important for you, then I would definitely choose Salkantay over EBC. If you want an ultimate challenge, I would recommend EBC since it is a 11 day trek vs. 4 days for Salkantay

Our favourite country to travel to was whether Thailand or Peru. Both are affordable, have incredible food, and an unlimited amount of nature activities to be done.

Our most adrenaline activity would be sky diving in Canada, Rappelling over 220 feet in Utah, or scuba diving with sharks in Belize.

I shoot with an Olympus EM1-II and my preferred lenses are the Olympus 12-100 f4 and the Panasonic Leica 8-18 f2.8-4.0. I really enjoy using the Micro 4/3 system due to how light the system is, as well as it’s incredible image stabilization.

Yes. I edit my photos with Lightroom in order to bring out the color and lighting of the scene. The camera does an amazing job to capture the RAW data, but I find Lightroom is pretty essential to bring out the full potential of the photo. If you would like to see which presets I use, check out the link below:

A combination of travel hacking flights with points, booking things far in advance, and being budget-conscious when we travel allows us to continue traveling. Travel hacking has helped us take many flights which ended up costing us oftentimes under 100$. We also cannot stress the advantage of booking early.

We use an app called Airalo in order to purchase a data plan on an E-sim prior to arriving to that country. Airalo is very easy to use, is affordable, and helps you avoid going into the phone store and hassling with purchasing a plan and installing a physical SIM card. Check out Airalo for more information.

We tried to do the ‘normal’ life and it didn’t work out for us. Actually, we ended up succeeding quite well in our careers but we craved for adventure. There must be something more than just making money and buying a house right? If you want to learn more about our journey, check out our story here!

Since we do a lot of photography, I definitely cannot travel without my Shimoda travel backpack. Not only does it help protect the camera from both theft and physical dings, but it is also water-repellent and so sturdy. It has been on countless adventures with us and regardless of if it scrapes up against the rocks or goes through a rainstorm, it has held up and protected my gear.

We love to eat! traveling has helped us discover so much in that domain. Ok, maybe eating isn’t a hobby. We also love photography, dancing (salsa & bachata), hiking, being in nature, and Ryan loves all things adrenaline!

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